Bril - UV Toothbrush Sanitizer, Portable Sterilizer and Case for Any Toothbrush Size
Bril - UV Toothbrush Sanitizer, Portable Sterilizer and Case for Any Toothbrush Size
Bril - UV Toothbrush Sanitizer, Portable Sterilizer and Case for Any Toothbrush Size
Bril - UV Toothbrush Sanitizer, Portable Sterilizer and Case for Any Toothbrush Size
Bril - UV Toothbrush Sanitizer, Portable Sterilizer and Case for Any Toothbrush Size

Bril - UV Toothbrush Sanitizer, Portable Sterilizer and Case for Any Toothbrush Size

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Product description

My wife and I had to postpone our fourth consecutive visit to our grandkids last week due to unforeseen circumstances.

We were heartbroken... Though we also had a solid excuse. Recently, we've both started feeling ill more frequently, suffering from chronic exhaustion, symptoms like a fever, and body pains. It's been awful.

We initially just assumed that was a normal aspect of getting older... But despite our repeated trips to the doctor, neither of us ever received a definitive response.

He did provide us with an intriguing hint, though.

My doctor said that the germs in my home may be the cause of my illness. "Are you maintaining cleanliness?"

We seldom leave the house, and our cleaner comes twice a week, so I was certain we were. So at first, I didn't give his statement much thought.

However, my daughter later paid me a visit and she finished connecting the dots for us.

Now, my daughter is a dentist rather than a doctor. Her expression immediately brightened up when I brought up my doctor's remark concerning germs.

“Wait. I was wondering if you and mom ever bother to sanitize your toothbrushes?"

I was perplexed. "How is a toothbrush cleaned?!" I queried. Every time, I give it a good rinse.

She said, "That's not enough. Did you realize that the bristles of a typical toothbrush contain about 100 MILLION bacteria cells? Not only is it repulsive, but it can also be harmful!"

She added that in order to try to fight off all those germs, our immune system needs to work extra hard.

"Don't let this get to you... But your doctor is correct; as you become older, your immune system reacts less quickly.4 You could be feeling constantly ill because of this", she said.

I could not believe it!

To avoid becoming sick, my wife and I have been taking a ton of measures. We almost bathe in Purell and are constantly donning masks...

Yet we have been routinely placing toothbrushes containing 100 MILLION bacteria cells in our mouths twice a day.

In my own study to understand more, I discovered that, although being entirely avoidable, tooth decay is one of the most PREVALENT chronic illnesses in seniors.1

Additionally, seniors with gum disease may be roughly NINE TIMES2 more likely than those without dental issues to pass away from an unrelated illness or infection.

If brushing our teeth is necessary to avoid gum disease, then so be it. But the bacteria that live in our toothbrushes compromise our already-weak immune systems, making it much more difficult to keep us healthy. What are we expected to do as seniors?

Fortunately, My Daughter's Concerns Weren't Just That... Additionally, She Had The Answer To My Germ Problem

She suggested we try a new all-natural toothbrush sterilizer as something more "cutting-edge".

Using ultraviolet LED technology, Bril's UV sterilizing toothbrush case cleans your toothbrush and eliminates 99.9% of pathogens.

Simply put your toothbrush in the case and right away, it will start sterilizing your toothbrush with UV-C (ultraviolet) light all the way down to the tips of the bristles.

In just three minutes, UV light can effectively eliminate 99.9% of microorganisms.3

Your toothbrush is now just as clean as the day you got it, and that's it!

Over 100 MILLION bacteria cells are kept out of your mouth, gums, and immune system with each application of Bril.

Even more, Bril is universally compatible with electric and children's toothbrushes alike.

Even NASA and the International Space Station are using the same UV-C LED cleaning technology that we use in our homes. Hence, it's both safe and effective for you to use!

Besides killing germs, Bril functions as a germ-protective casing to prevent common airborne and contact bacteria from reaching the head of your toothbrush while it's not in use.

Additionally, the fact that it's in a case makes it a breeze to take on a trip.

Bril's case has a magnet on the back so you can put it on the wall, away from the toilet! In addition, we like how spotless the bathroom is as a result.

My Wife And I Purchased A 3-pack Of Brils Right Away. Here's What Happened

Our new technology is a godsend after 65 years on earth, and we're grateful for it!

Every time we clean our teeth, we feel like we're in a futuristic sci-fi movie. Using it is like brushing with a BRAND NEW toothbrush every time.

Also, since receiving our Brils, we have not experienced any "weird disease". Did those germs from the toothbrush have a role? I'm not certain... However, cleaning my teeth makes me feel cleaner.

Because of this, we will never again use a toothbrush without sterilizing it with Bril.

It's a blessing that they make it so simple. What we adore most is:

  • ☑️ We save money because of this:. We were able to save a couple of trips to the doctor's office as a result of using them, and who knows what else they may do for you.
  • ☑️ Affordable: We have to rely on that fixed salary for everything. They're even offering a discount right now. For additional information, continue reading.
  • ☑️ It's both safe and efficient: So long as the CDC recommends UV light technology and the International Space Station uses it, I'm more than happy to use it!
  • ☑️ Effortless: Place your toothbrush inside and watch as the UV light turns on. It's completely hands-free. It's done! You don't have to be an expert to utilize it - everyone can.
  • ☑️ Any Toothbrush Is Compatible: This cleaning gadget works with any toothbrush, even the little brushes used by our grandkids, my electric toothbrush, and my wife's ordinary toothbrush.

When everyone our age is concerned about their health, the peace of mind afforded to us by our Bril toothbrush sterilizers cannot be overstated. We're thrilled to have discovered them!

Frequently Asked Questions

◾ Is UV Light safe?
UV lighting is an FDA-regulated industry, and the CDC acknowledges UV lights as an effective defense against viruses and bacteria.4 With Bril, the UV-C light only comes on when it’s closed, killing the germs inside while keeping you safe from any exposure.

◾ How often should you sterilize your toothbrush?
After every brush! In less than 24 hours, one single germ can explode into more than 8 million cells – even on a brand new toothbrush. That’s why it’s so important to have an everyday cleaning device like Bril!

◾ Will it work for people with gingivitis?
Yes! In fact, the bacteria on your toothbrush may have contributed to your gum disease in the first place. For many, the cause of Gingivitis is poor oral hygiene, which can lead to tooth loss and other serious conditions. Bril helps improve your oral hygiene by killing germs on your toothbrush before they enter your mouth.

◾ When can I expect my order?
FAST! The company ships all orders within 24-48 hours of receiving them! On average their products are delivered within 2-5 business days in the United States.

Our Final Thoughts

Since I began routinely sterilizing my toothbrush with my Bril device, I have seen a significant decrease in the number of illnesses I used to suffer from. We no longer have to travel to the emergency room or buy medicine from the pharmacy every month, therefore Bril has more than paid for itself!

My wife and I are pleased to report that we have had no problems with the product breaking down over time. So, in order to have enough Brils for when the grandkids stay the night, we purchased an additional 3-pack of Brils!

If you've been considering doing the same, now is the ideal moment! First-time buyers at Bril are eligible for a special discount:


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