ThinOptics - World’s Lightest Reading Glasses With Foldable Armless Design, Comes With Universal Pod Case
ThinOptics - World’s Lightest Reading Glasses With Foldable Armless Design, Comes With Universal Pod Case
ThinOptics - World’s Lightest Reading Glasses With Foldable Armless Design, Comes With Universal Pod Case
ThinOptics - World’s Lightest Reading Glasses With Foldable Armless Design, Comes With Universal Pod Case
ThinOptics - World’s Lightest Reading Glasses With Foldable Armless Design, Comes With Universal Pod Case

ThinOptics - World’s Lightest Reading Glasses With Foldable Armless Design, Comes With Universal Pod Case

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Product description

After a frustrating 15-year love-hate relationship with my reading glasses, I think I’ve finally found the one.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m grateful for reading glasses. Without them, I can’t read a thing!

And yet… I definitely have my complaints.

First off, despite how important my reading glasses are, somehow I still find myself without them all the time.

Either I forget them or simply decide not to bring them along (then realize my mistake later).

You can’t blame me though. Most reading glasses I’ve had — and I’ve gone through dozens and dozens of pairs — were too bulky to carry around easily. Every time I left the house, I asked myself: Will I REALLY need these?

The answer was almost always yes, but I’d often leave them at home anyway… they didn’t feel like they were worth the space. Then I’d run into fine print… a menu… an important label… whatever, and find myself frustrated yet again.

Not to mention the fact that my past reading glasses never looked particularly stylish. My theory is that I often subconsciously left them behind because I’d simply rather not be seen wearing them…

On top of that, most reading glasses are SO poorly made… it’s like they’re designed to snap at the slightest touch!

I’ve snapped or lost 10 pairs in the past three years, and apparently, I’m not even the exception - 30 million Americans find themselves buying multiple pairs of readers every single year. For how big and bulky they are, you’d think reading glasses would be a little less flimsy and brittle!

But recently, I’ve stopped complaining.

Because I discovered a new pair of reading glasses that just came out… and they’ve totally blown my mind. They fix ALL the complaints I’ve ever had about my previous readers… they’re nearly impossible to lose, break, or forget at home.

They’re called ThinOptics®, and since I’ve owned them, I haven’t found myself stuck without my reading glasses ONCE. They’re easily the best reading glasses I’ve ever owned… if you use readers too, you absolutely have to know about them!

What are ThinOptics®?

ThinOptics® are ultra-durable, lightweight, foldable reading glasses that attach to your phone or keychain so they’re always nearby.

Apparently, they’re officially the world’s thinnest reading glasses - but that’s just the start. I started using them last month, and I don’t think I’ll ever need another pair of reading glasses again. They’re that perfect!

First off, they fold and fit into a slim case that attaches to your phone, so you never have to think about bringing your readers along. If you have your phone, you have your reading glasses!

Or, if you’re more likely to have your keys around than your phone, you can use the keychain — same idea!

Together, the case and glasses are impressively slim, taking up hardly any extra space, whether you keep them in your bag, pocket, purse, jacket, etc. I hardly notice my glasses are there until I need them!

The concept is genius: You may not think to bring your readers with you everywhere… but you never forget your phone, right?

Of course, convenience is just one side of things. They also have to feel comfortable… and hey, if you attach them to your phone, won’t you risk sitting on them?

Plus, since they’re so thin, won’t they be even MORE flimsy than my old readers?

These were my big concerns… and ThinOptics® impressed me at every step.

The unique design is what makes it all work: ThinOptics® don’t rest on your ears — instead, they fit snugly on the bridge of your nose.

At first, I thought it looked super cool, but also a bit unstable or awkward… but it’s actually much more practical. I find that ThinOptics® are more comfortable than my previous readers, which ended up hurting my ears over time.

Plus, they stay in place even when I’m active — I love how secure they feel. They haven’t fallen off my nose yet, and I’ve been using them daily during all sorts of activities!

As for the durability… I’m pretty confident I’ll have my ThinOptics® for years to come, which is a huge relief. They’re not particularly expensive, but I’d still hate to replace them every 6 months or so like I was before…

According to their website, the flexible design and premium materials (Nitinol and optical grade polycarbonate) allow ThinOptics® to withstand a TON of weight, so it’s no problem if you sit on them — you can even keep your phone in your back pocket without a worry.

I even saw a video of someone driving their car over ThinOptics®… and mine are still without a scratch after a month of use!

The only downside I could find is that they currently only offer four strengths: +1.0, +1.5, +2.0, and +2.5. Thankfully, they had my strength, but those who need stronger magnification might not find what they’re looking for yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

◾ Do you have my prescription?
Available lens strengths:

  • +1.00 (Low) - Low covers a range +0.75 to +1.25.
  • +1.50 (Low-Mid) - Low-mid covers a range of +1.25 to +1.75.
  • +2.00 (Medium) - Medium covers a range of +1.75 to +2.25.
  • +2.50 (Mid-High) - Mid-high covers a range of +2.25 to +2.75.

◾ Are ThinOptics® reading glasses durable? Will they break?
ThinOptics® reading glasses are made from thermo-injection molded optical grade polycarbonate, which is shatter proof and frequently used in safety and ballistic (bullet proof) eyewear. The bridge is made from Nitinol, which is 10x more elastic than spring steel. The Nitinol bridge is encased in medical grade silicone tubing, and anchored in the injection molded polycarbonate frame.

◾ Will ThinOptics® reading glasses remain securely on my nose?
Under normal reading conditions ThinOptics® reading glasses will remain in place. The highly elastic bridge exerts a slight amount of pressure to keep the readers in place.

◾ What if ThinOptics® reading glasses don't fit or feel right on my nose?
We are so confident in our ThinOptics® reading glasses that the company will refund 100% of your purchase if you are not completely satisfied with either their fit or comfort within 30 days.

I’m extremely impressed by ThinOptics® - I’m confident they’re the last pair of readers I’ll ever need!

ThinOptics® have made my life so much more convenient… now I never have to worry about bringing my reading glasses along with me. And I doubt I’ll need to replace them any time soon!

Plus, they’re excellent conversation starters. Unlike my boring old glasses, these look sleek and sophisticated… I love how the unique frame design doesn’t just keep them compact, it also adds to the look!

If ThinOptics® are available in your strength, I urge you to give them a try. You won’t regret it!


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