GuideLight - #1 Night Light for Outlets with Automatic On/Off Sensor and Easy Installation
GuideLight - #1 Night Light for Outlets with Automatic On/Off Sensor and Easy Installation
GuideLight - #1 Night Light for Outlets with Automatic On/Off Sensor and Easy Installation
GuideLight - #1 Night Light for Outlets with Automatic On/Off Sensor and Easy Installation
GuideLight - #1 Night Light for Outlets with Automatic On/Off Sensor and Easy Installation

GuideLight - #1 Night Light for Outlets with Automatic On/Off Sensor and Easy Installation

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Product description

If you haven’t seen these beautiful nightlight outlet covers before, prepare to be delighted! They bring a touch of tasteful light to your home and are perfect for late night bathroom trips, toddlers, and brightening dark areas like hallways and closets.

“Do I turn on the light and wake myself up… or stumble in the dark and risk an injury?!”

If you’re prone to late-night bathroom trips, then you’ve surely been faced with this dilemma before.

In fact, you might even have a series of nightlights leading from your bedroom to your bathroom… but that isn’t exactly ideal, is it?

Not only is each nightlight sucking up an unnecessary amount of electricity (especially important to consider these days), they also waste an electrical outlet spot. Plus, those little plastic things don’t exactly look nice…

For a long time, this was the only option for “late-night bathroom breakers” - unless you wanted to stumble around and possibly break something (including yourself), that is!

But recently, an innovative lighting company released a new type of “smart nightlight”… and the internet is going crazy for it.

The new nightlight easily attaches over the top of your electrical outlets, providing a soothing, illuminating glow that not only lights up the way, it actually improves the look of your home.

Although this concept has existed for a few years, it was extremely expensive and time-consuming to install because you had to rewire your home’s electricity.

However, these new nightlights - called GuideLights - are not only much more affordable and effective at lighting dim areas, they’re also easy enough for anyone to install in less than 3 minutes and require zero maintenance once they’re in.

They’ve quickly become a hit among people who wake up at night… but they’re also popular with parents of small children, smart home owners, and more. If you’re looking for a sophisticated way to light up dark areas of your home at night without shelling out hundreds of dollars to rewire your home, GuideLights could be exactly what you’re looking for!

What are GuideLights?

GuideLights are patented, award-winning electrical outlet covers with a built-in LED nightlight. They’re quickly becoming famous for their professional, elegant look and surprisingly low operating costs.

GuideLights attach over top of your outlets and emit a soothing glow beneath the outlet. They light the area enough to see clearly - yet are dim enough to avoid waking you up at night.

Of course, the quality and low cost aren’t the only reasons they’ve gone viral. GuideLights have already won multiple awards for their innovative automatic on/off feature, impressively low energy costs, and super-easy installation.

The automatic on/off feature turns on GuideLight at night and shuts it off during the day. This reduces energy consumption while ensuring your lights are always on when you need them. (After all, what good is a nightlight if you have to stumble your way to it just to turn it on?!)

As a result of this innovative power-saving feature, GuideLights cost less than 10 cents per year to run!

Even better, anyone can install them - it’s safe, easy, and takes about ten seconds (even if you have zero electrical experience).

How do you install GuideLights?

Installing GuideLights is a total breeze… all you have to do is snap them on and they automatically start providing the perfect amount of light!

It’s all thanks to GuideLight’s easy 1-2-3 installation:

  1. Turn off your electricity.
  2. Remove the old outlet cover.
  3. Snap the GuideLight into place over the outlet and screw it in.

Now simply turn the electricity back on and you’re all set!

This means you won’t have to ask for help to install them. In fact, we’ve even seen a few hilarious stories on social media of people “pranking” their spouse… they install GuideLights while their spouse is on a quick grocery run, and when they come back, they’re shocked to see what appears to be a professional electrical installation. It’s that fast and easy!

Should you replace your nightlights with GuideLights?

If you’re still using plug-in nightlights, have small children running around, or have dark areas in your home… then the answer is simple: Yes!

GuideLights can do the same job (or better) than nightlights, yet at a fraction of the cost - and with a MUCH improved look!

Thanks to all these innovative features, GuideLights have quickly gone viral since their release - as of press time, more than 4 million GuideLights are out there lighting up homes, and that number is fast increasing as more people discover them.

As we mentioned, each GuideLight costs less than 10 cents per year to operate… and that’s not considering how much you’ll save by avoiding the need for rewiring your home. Equivalent solutions that look and function the exact same cost hundreds more.

Clearly, GuideLights are a welcome innovation for anyone who relies on nightlights - or simply wants to brighten up their home in a sophisticated way!


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